"I've always been a creative type of person with a strong desire to create since my childhood. I have started my journey of self-expression with graphics, telling a story with simple lines that created unity. I have turned to abstract art when I reached a turning point in my life and I left everything behind that didn't serve me any more, and started a new chapter.. Through this transformation process I came to realize that art is my true passion.

I'm an intuitive painter, colors and shapes come into life mostly on canvas, I don't make any plans. Each of my paintings is an expression of momentary feeling, thought or desire, inspired and motivated by positive energy I gather from experiences of traveling, the natural word and exploration.

Experimenting is the key in my work, adding and removing elements, layering textures, paint and mixed media on canvas.

I believe that art can help us finding the right way we think, feel, live and the way we connect with the world."

 -edit neubauer-